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Some fliers may not see sufficient cash from expired taxes

Dallas some airline customers won't see savings this weekend even very easily federal taxes on tickets have expired.

Us airways and american airlines raised Ralph Lauren Dress fares to cancel out the tax savings.

Meaning instead of passing along the savings from expired taxes, the carriers are pocketing your bucks while customers pay the same amount as before.

But other airlines left their prices unaffected on saturday.Consumers could save money by look around.

The expired taxes can total $25 or more on an ordinary $300 round trip ticket.

The taxes expired after midnight friday night when congress failed to pass legislation to keep the federal aviation governing control running.

That gave airways a choice:They could do nothing and pass the savings to customers or they could grab particular money themselves.

"We adjusted prices so overall price of a ticket remains the same as it was before.Termination of federal excise taxes, said american spokesperson tim smith.Us airways spokesman john mcdonald said much the same passengers will pay the same amount for a ticket as they did before the taxes expired.

"Why would the airline carriers deserve it, he was quoted saying. "They previously hit us with enough fees.Now they're keeping the us govenment fees too,

The transfer department says it will lose $200 million a week.Morgan analyst jamie baker said airlines could take in an extra $25 million a day by raising fares Ralph Lauren Shoes within tax holiday.

Parsons said low pressure eventually will force the airlines to match either they'll all pass the tax savings on to passengers, or they'll all raise fares and keep the money their own Ralph Lauren Australia own.

Southwest airlines and its airtran part raised prices by $8 per round trip, said speaker marilee mcinnis.

Smith and mcinnis declined to say whether the rise would be rescinded if congress revives the travel taxes.

Southwest's support could be crucial if the airlines consider to keep the tax money.Persons than anyone, and it very well sets rates on many routes.Southwest torpedoed attempts by other airlines to raise prices withduring the last two weeks.Ceo gary kelly has publicly worried that airlines could frighten away anyone in the car by raising prices too high.

That might be less of a fear this time, nevertheless, since consumers wouldn't be shelling out more money for tickets they just wouldn't get a sudden discount, for congress.

Several federal travel taxes expired when congress adjourned for the weekend without passing faa law.Lawmakers couldn't break a stalemate over a republican proposal to get it back harder for airline and railroad workers to unionize.

Air traffic remotes stayed on the job, but thousands of other faa employees were more likely furloughed.

Airlines stopped getting involved in recovering a 7.5 % ticket tax, Another excise tax of $3.70 per takeoff and touchdown, In conjunction with other fees.Those add up to about $32 on a round trip leasure activities with base fare of $240 and one stop in each direction.

Other government fees for security and local airport projects continue to be collected.They boost Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo Australia the past cost of that $240 base fare ticket to $300.

Passengers who bought tickets before this weekend but travel during the faa shutdown could be eligible for a refund of the taxes that they paid, said treasury department speaker sandra salstrom.

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